Random blogging: note to SNL: This shit hasn't been funny since forever!

As we were watching half - time analysis of the football game on NBC, the show did something that they don't normally do: Show a dress rehearsal for that night's upcoming SNL telecast. Listen. I watch SNL like alot of people and I have an affininity with their sketch comedy. I admit that they have their collective finger on the pulse of America but I can't stress this enough: Their obsession with making Black men, especially Black athletes dress up as women in their sketches is beginning to need a little Al Sharpton intervention. The halftime show cut to a clip of Charles Barkley dressing up as Alicia Keys lip - syncing, "Empire State of Mind." It was an embarassment but then again I am sure Charles Barkley didn't care because he is rarely embarassed by anything.


Marvel Girl said...

I agree. has no one in the mainstream commented on this? I recall SNL characters having a skit that poked fun of this fact, but still they were in drag in the skit.

Anonymous said...

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