You know what I hate? Hollywood

I hate Hollywood now. It used to be a time when Hollywood made me dream, made me happy and made me want to make the world better. But now? Hollywood gives me nightmares, makes me sad and makes me want to kill every Hollywood screenwriter. Did you see G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra? If you didn't don't and if you did I'm sorry! There is nothing you can do to get that time back. This movie makes me realize that the sole intent of Hollywood isn't to make good films, expand artistic abilities or care about the needs of the customer. Hell no! It's sole and only purpose is to take your money. It's like a casino without the free drinks and mafia doormen watching you! This year the movies have been extremely painful to watch and the one movie that I did see that was supposed to be an independent tour de force, The Paul Giamatta vehicle was so bad that I began to realize that the best place to see movies is YOUTUBE. To make matters worse their crop of movies this Winter look like they are all apocalyptic pieces of shit; Book of eli, legion and something else that looks just as stupid -Lightning thief and Clash of the titans! I am down on Hollywood because they are cheating me! Burn Hollywood Burn

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