I watch the Kardashian show but let's be real: This chick has no right to be in any picture with the President. Reportedly the President even said to the "fat Kardashian sister" that he loved the E! Entertainment reality show when he stopped to shake her hand during The Lakers tour of The White House. They, The Lakers, Khloe Kardashian and the wives of the team were there to celebrate last year's championship victory. Khloe was there because she is married to Lamar Odom. Wow! Where was Michelle? She should have stopped this. Anyone that follows reality television knows that the Kardashian sisters are a curse. The men that mess with them usually fall - off quick. Sure they will have a few good games like Reggie had but there will be few and far in between. If the Saints win please someone make sure that Kim doesn't come to The White House.

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