Score one for Buddha

Well now that Tiger Woods is on the leaderboard at Augusta I have to say that there is one person that should get all the credit; BUDDHA. Tiger Woods said during his infamous press conference in February that he was going to go back to the teachings of Buddha. I, like alot of others thought that he was full of shit but after seeing him smash the coarse and put himself on the leaderboard I kind of want to turn to Buddha too. And I bet so do the other pros on the tour. How bad must they feel? Tiger Woods has been gone for 6 months and he is still better than they are! If Tiger Woods wins this thing the wives of the professional golfers had better kiss their marriages goodbye. If fucking 20 women will get you a major the other guys on the tour are going to fuck 40 women because Tiger is double the golfer they are. If you are in last place you have to feel bad because you didn't even cheat on your wife and you still in last place. Buddha is going to have a lot of converts from the world of professional golf if this keeps up.

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