Let's get it going!

Wasup dog? It is almost June. The time flies like a motherfucker. This month has been crazy: Betty White on SNL, L.T., an attempted Muslim car bomber and a real fucked up oil spill. It may be time for me to go to church AND IT IS ONLY THE MIDDLE OF MARCH. The world is coming to an end. It has to be. I just saw Jay Z and Beyonce at the Yankee game. Are you serious? At the freaking Yankee game? Hip Hop started in The Bronx and now it dies there. When Jay Z and Beyonce are part of the "crowd shot" shot list you know that times have changed. "Okay put me on Jay Z and Beyonce and cut back to the game. " Wow, Remember when it was not cool to rap? Now it gets you on television. God Bless progress?

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