What the fuck? For real? Why is this dude going through pimps to get some puss? Why doesn't he just go to a 35 and over club and say to a woman, "Hi, I am Lawrence Taylor and I would like to screw you tonight?" He would have made out better if he did that. What the fuck dude? You can no longer be defended by anyone? Even your lawyer has to be disgusted. I bet anyone that was friends with him in the past wishes he would have died of a drug overdose. I'm saying L.T. how high do you have to be fuck up your legacy and your freedom all in one night? Someone help that poor girl, please. She is living a horrible life and because of some horrible PIMP she is ruined forever. As a man about to have a daughter I can only hope that one day when my daughter turns to me I will be man enough to help her.

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