Essence hired a white fashion editor - I always knew they wanted to look like white women - now there's proof!

It's a travesty. Essence Magazine having a white fashion editor is like The Klan having a Black spokesman. Maybe this woman can and will do an excellent job at telling Black women what fashions are hot in the street - but so what? Get the second or third best person who is Black. Angela Bert - Murray the Editor of Essence has made a huge mistake and she should be ashamed of herself. But every since Essence was bought out they have lost whatever soul they had. They have lost whatever authority they had. What's next? White columnists? It's not like Essence is a mainstream magazine, it is a Black magazine and the fact that there is a White Woman setting beauty standards for African American women is confusing. Fuck Essence until they make a change.

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Lori said...

My friend didn't like it, but I said the same thing.
They all want to be white women anyway!