Nas talks about Kelis

In this clip that I first saw on my favorite Asian's Hip Hop site Missinfo.com Nas speaks to British DJ Tim Westwood. He speaks as much as he can about his divorce with Kelis. He also casually mentions that he wants more children but that means he needs to make more money. I wonder why he said that? Looking at this clip makes me realize how much Nas has gone through since he's been in the game. Baby mommas, divorces, rap beefs, bad albums, looking high all the time, etc, etc,. You have to be built pretty tough to be in this media spotlight just for one minute. Nas has been in it for 20 years. (Damn). Peace to my brother Nas. I want him to make another classic album. In another clip Nas says that Kanye may help him on something. As long as it is not any of that soft shit then it's all good.

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