Coolio was just arrested for Crack possession at the airport. WTF? And you know what? Who cares? He should be smoking crack because he was perhaps the worst rapper ever to sell records. That's right he should be smoking crack because he was worse than Young MC, worse than the Rapping Duke and even DARE I say it worse than Vanilla Ice. HE got famous because deep down inside I think hollywood executives like showing Black people that they would rather make a former crackhead rich and famous more than they would a non crack smoking artist that didn't just make P funk remakes with rap. I don't think Coolio should be taking crack on the plane with him but let's face it: A crack head is going to be a crack head. They are going smoke crack. That is what they do. I wish Coolio the best and I hope he gets his shit together. But one thing I want more than anything is for him to stop making music. It's fucked up that I am going to say this but unless Coolio smokes crack he's just that not interesting to me.


Butterrfly said...

Wow! Crack?? Is that keeping it real in the druggie circle? I mean even Whitney declared that crack was beneath her and when you marry a man like bobby brown... That's really saying alot. Damn crack? And why exactly must u travel with it coolio? Where in the US were you headed that u thought didn't have a corner for a refill??

donna troy said...

Ice ice baby...no? Hey, wasn't Coolio on that catering-chef-family business thing? Doesn't he have 3 teenagers at home? Damn, Coolio...damn!