Random blogging - MIchael Jackson to make a comeback - I wonder if he thinks this will make us forget that he was accused of child molestation?

Michael Jackson is supposed to be making a comeback to the world of concerts. Any coincidence that he is making a comeback now that the voice thing T - PAIN uses is so hot. He can't sing! The man has no nose. How can he possibly hit any notes? This tour should be called the "get me out of bankruptcy tour" tour because that's all this is. A real quick money grab. It's what Mos Def does just at the highest level. Good luck to the King of Pop but I doubt that this tour will ever get off the ground. He'll fake an injury before it starts like he always does.

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Butterrfly said...

Now u on your own with this Roc! First of all accused never convicted. Second of all, I'm planning to fly to london to catch the show. Clearly I won't be sharing my fabulous pics with the likes of YOU!!!! :-P