RANDOM BLOGGING - Rush versus The President!

Can you imagine Rush Limbaugh is picking a fight with The President? Does that fat bastard think he can beat The man from Chicago? The racist code language he used at the CPAC conference has driven the President to send out the attack dogs. Whether it's Rahm, Plouffe or Carville Rush and his minions are put on notice: We are not PUNKS. You will get it coming back to you if you fuck with Obama. Holler Black. I love the way that Obama fights. That man is not going to back down and if that fat bastard wants a fight then after he finishes popping his pills and setting up his illegal housekeeper to take the fall then by all means LET'S GET IT ON!


Marvel Girl said...

he is straight up the Blob. in the picture below he actually reminds me of the stay puff marshmellow man from ghostbusters. piece of shit.

Butterrfly said...

that bloated douchebag... he is really an arsehole... gets on the air and talks out of his arse all damned day!!! He must have some serious sh** on every single elected repub out there because not one of them has stepped up yet to say "cut that sh** out fatman".