Random blogging - I have got to stop going to the Magic Johnson Theater Part #1

Magic Johnson is my neighborhood theater. Period! I am stubborn and refuse to stop going there because it is in my neighborhood. It doesn't make sense to go downtown and spend money to watch a film that I can see ten minutes away. It is basically a Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka situation.

But with that being said: I have got to stop going.

The Ninjas in there are making it crazy. I saw the Watchmen with my wife at the 10:45 show and boy the ninjas in there make it UNBEARABLE! One guy that lucky for me sat right next to me kept saying out loud to anyone that would listen and that would be all of us because he was yelling, "this movie us trash." But wouldn't leave for two hours. Now I am a veteran of Magic and I have been patronizing it as long as it's been open but it's getting ridiculous.

Understand this: I am true believer. My brother/BFF (NO HOMO) Krispin Gault just doesn't go. He would rather go downtown then have to listen to dumb ninjas talk through the movie and show no respect to others. My wife and I have been snubbed by couples people because they would refuse to go to the theater because they didn't want to put up with the bullshit. I am gettting close to that point.

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Butterrfly said...

You have the patience of a saint..lol... You'd never find me in there.