SHHH - Don't tell my wife that I have a crush on... ERICA WILLIAMS

When I saw this fine - ass chocolate sista talking about the mobilization of young people I was enchanted. Unfortunately my wife was watching t.v. with me so I couldn't enjoy her like I wanted to. She was a panelist on The State of The Black Union, the Tavis Smiley vanity project that brings Blacks of all stripes together and asks them how Black people can better themselves.
Well that's what it's supposed to be. 
What it really turns into however is Black people talking about how great they are. But every now and then, you meet a young lady like Ms. Williams that shows you that she is about the movement and not about herself. 

check her out fellas (and some ladies) and see if you don't have to resist the urge to grab a small bottle of baby oil.



donna troy said...

Baby oil?!? Really?!?! I hope you were actually LISTENING to what she was saying...her comments were very interesting, but not impressive. She's an educated Black woman who is passionate about politics...hence her job.

Yes, she's beautiful, but by you getting a "bottle of baby oil", you...yet again...make her a sex object.

Hmmm...maybe I shouldn't have watched that and just left it to you, your friends and the baby oil.

In any case...you go, Erica!

Butterrfly said...

Thank you Donna.. you know Roc is ridiculous!

YALONDA said...