Archie to jump the broom?

After reading my homegirl's website Our Urban Odyssey I find out that Archie Andrews, the red headed, freckle faced Riverdale dwelling young man is planning to get married to longtime girlfriend Veronica Lake. I admit it, I read the occasional Archie comic as a child. Contrary to popular belief it wasn't JUST for girls. Think about it every page you had a joke, a shirt showing a tit and an ass in your face. And of course all red  - blooded boys would love to live a life where you must choose between the rich, spoiled and domineering brunette Veronica that looks like she puts out or the middle class, docile and BLONDE Betty that looks like she will just let you get to third base and tease you until she really gives it up to Reggie or Jughead on a drunk night! Here's the cover that I first saw on, must plug once again, Our Urban Odyssey.


Marvel Girl said...

Yes, Archie is not only for girls because it is clearly written by a man for men, as C-mixto pointed out to me. ( I actually don't really know who writes Archie). You have a man who is able to date whomever he wants, switches between two regular girls, and Betty and Veronica have full blown hour glass figures at sixteen. It brainwashes boys into thinking that's cool (it sort of is, though) and girls into accepting players and fighting among each other. Reggie was probably the hottest one of all in bed. Jughead probably had a huge penis, because that's how things work.

Yeah for Urban Odyssey giving back to Harlem Hubris!

Butterrfly said...

I think this is fantastic news.. I always identified with Veronica.