Doesn't the new Woody Allen/Larry David movie look like the MOST JEWISH MOVIE EVER?

Dude the new movie Whatever works looks like an ad for anti - semitism. If you are a jew hater this is exhibit A as to why you believe in what you believe in. It looks like Woody Allen and LArry David got together and said to each other, "let's make a movie more Jewish than two jews eating a bagel with locks and cream cheese in Crown Heights after Temple." I love them both but this movie looks like they are both just going through the motions. I will see it but I don't have high hopes. Larry David's show jumped the shark after about season three or four of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and Woody Allen's New York movies jumped the shark after he jumped Soon Yi Previn. Here's the trailer - see what you think: ENJOY:

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Marvel Girl said...

really still trying to figure out if it is okay to explore his art after knowing he married, had sex with and made a child with his daughter, biological or not. I try not to judge anyone, because we all should just live our lives, but still wondering if it's applauding behavior that should be judged? don't know.