do you remember...when LL COOL J was going back to Cali?

By far one of the most visually pleasing and stunning (it WAS shot in Black and white) videos of that time and this one "Goin' Back to Cali" was the moment when LL COOL J and Rick Rubin hit their collaborative creative peak. In this song LL displays a level of maturity, artistry and word play that for him was unprecedented. James Todd and Rubin, The actual creative jew at Def Jam (as opposed to Lyor Cohen the money man) managed to include scratches, references to Daytons and a catchy hook that still stands the test of time today. Could please someone mash Big's lyrics with the instrumental to this please. If I had the equipment I would have been had done it (ghetto talk)

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Butterrfly said...

Thanks LL... this video marked the beginning of the video ho renaissance era. Bikini-clad with stiletto heels? Who does that?