Random blogging: The NYPD is at it again - killing innocent Black men first then asking questions later!

In what seems like Groundhog Day in New York City, another innocent Black man was killed by a white police officer. Officer Omar Edwards, a Black man and an off - duty police officer was slain by Officer Andrew Dunton, a white man. If you have ever seen the Wire, this was like an Officer Presbylewski thing. An officer sees a Black man with a gun, shoots him only to find out that said Black man was an off - duty police officer investigating someone breaking into his car. I feel bad for Officer Dunton because him shooting officer Edwards doesn't make him a racist and he shouldn't be painted as such until the all the facts come out. But here are the facts: A father, husband and son is dead because of the color of his skin. It's sad but The NYPD has to really investigate why their officers keep on killing Black men that are innocent. Sean Bell has apparently taught them nothing. I love the police but right now I say FUCK EM! Rest In Peace, Officer Edwards.


Marvel Girl said...

sad state that you have to always remember you are perceived as black man first, then a cop (etc, fill in the blank).

genna said...

this story made me feel sick. not much is going to happen to the whitey. code of silence. prayers out to the fam.