Have you ever heard of NinjaSonic?

I saw this video celebrating men wearing tight pants on a blog called word is bomb. It's crazy but real. Kids wear tight pants so it makes sense that there is a song about them. I just wished this guy NinjaSonic had more lyrics in this song. check it out: It's called ...well you tell me


Butterrfly said...

ok.. I got about 19 seconds in on this one... smh... I am just old.. or is this just stupid.

donna troy said...

okay...what?!?! Three things...first, was this really on 106th & Park or was that logo a fake, because I know BET/Viacom is not letting that much cursing and n-word usage.

Second...I know hundreds of 9, 10, and 11 year olds that could write more lyrics than that!

Finally, and most importantly...whaaaaat! I mean, I don't what he's saying, talking about (besides the pants, what's the bigger picture), or promoting! I mean what the hell is with the white dude with the monster mask?!?!

Once again, Roc, stop making me watch crap.