Is it ghetto of me to lust after sneakers? I swear these will be the last sneakers I ever get!

I know I said I was done after Air Max 95 but let's face it I am always going to say that. I am a sneaker fiend. These will definitely be the last kicks I ever get. The Air Jordan 6 jumpoffs with the red colorway. They are called The Carmines. They are the dopest Air Jordans ever made and whenever I see them I get mad that I never bought them but when I remember how much they costed (ghetto talk) I remember at 375 dollars I either need to be slinging rock or have a wicked jump shot to even think about buying them. But FUCK IT I will get them and tell wifey after the fact. Look out for the blog post about her reaction when she finds out.


Butterrfly said...

You know I'm gonna snitch! :-P

genna said...

indulge now because when you have kids...it's a wrap. these little babies have magical powers that cause the bank accounts to rapidly dwindle.