Republicans diss Obama's date night - they don't even want Obama to fuck his wife!

Poor Barack. He can't get even get laid. Last night The President Of The United States followed through on a promise that he made to his wife: That he would take her on a date once he became President. And of course the criticism came from the usual round of haters - The Republican Party. Apparently something is wrong with taking your wife to a Broadway show. Now I know Obama going to a Broadway show is not the same as you or I going to a Broadway show. With Obama he has to have the press corps, a security detail and a big to - do but still isn't it nice to know that even The President Of The United States has to do something extra to get pussy? It's not just regular guys like me. One would think that being President should be enough to get a woman's juices flowing but NO even Obama has to romance his woman. Problems of the world be damned even he has to date his wife to get laid. That's really why The Republicans are mad at him. It's not the fact that he spent taxpayers money for this trip, it's not that he seems to be sending the wrong message about living a certain lifestyle in these economic times. NO it's the fact that he still fucks his wife and not a mistress. When you fuck your wife and not an intern, your secretary or the people they can't GET you. Obama is always outsmarting them.