Lebron you have to show more class than that!

After the Cleveland Cavaliers were eliminated by the Orlando Magic last night, Lebron James pulled an Isiah Thomas and walked off the court without shaking hands with the other team. That was no - class move number one. What made matters worse was that he didn't speak to the media after the game which is a league obligation. I know how it must feel to lose something and how frustrating it can be - I lost my youth and optimism ten years ago  - but when you make millions of dollars the least you can do is speak to the press and be accountable to the fans that want to hear from you. As much as Mo Williams and Boobie Gibson contributed it's Lebron the people want to hear from. I hope those around him will talk some sense into King James because that kind of bush - league move could cost him WAY more than a fine from the league. It could cost him respect from the fans that love him so much.

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Butterrfly said...

Seriously.... you make effin' millions for playing a GAME!! Stop bitchin' and count your chips. Nothing worse than a spoiled sport millionaire. Suck it up!