Hollywood has got to stop this PG 13 shit - It's ruining movies!

Why in the fuck was the Wolverine movie rated PG 13? How could a film that has Wolverine and Sabretooth in the story be rated PG 13? I go see the movie and there is no blood. WTF? NO BLOOD? Then it's not really a Wolverine movie then is it? Has Hollywood gotten this greedy, corrupt and soulless when they are making movies meant for adults for their children? WTF? I see the rating for the new Terminator movie and that is PG 13 too? Were the execs that made this film too young and dumb to remember that the original Terminator starring that Son of a Nazi and current Governor of California was Rated R? What's next, Friday the 13th rated Pg 13. Cocksuckers PART 5 Rated pg 13. If this shit keeps up I'll skip the theater andjust wait for the DVD director's cut.


Marvel Girl said...

partly why I don't go to movies anymore. it is not art. it is about money.

Marvel Girl said...

PS , why do you have to have the tag question "wolverine is gay?". is this is latest rumor or Harlem Hubris?

Butterrfly said...

what's the issue exactly? it wasn't gory enough for you?