Well she is cute!/ This is why we hate them!

don't the Arabs know why we hate them now? It's not just their smell, their penchant for starting wars through terrorism or the fact that listening to their language makes you long for the sound of new chalk on an old chalkboard but mainly the fact that their culture let's them buy and sell girls that are under age. Come on, everyone knows that you don't start paying girls to have sex until after they have finished puberty. (JUST A JOKE -WHEN THEY TURN 18 AND YOU CAN AFFORD A MOTEL ROOM) In Saudi Arabia (our allies) an 8 year old girl divorced her 40 - something Arab husband. Word is that it was done in the morning because she didn't want to be late for school.
Why are we friends with these people? Their totally barbaric with some of their shit. Not to mention that most of the 19 hijackers came from their country. I'll be glad when President Obama comes up with a way for us to get off this oil. That way we no longer will have to deal with these people and they and their 8 year old bride culture can go away!

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Butterrfly said...

where on earth do you get your "facts" from?