Random Blogging - Nas and Kelis getting divorced - Oh yeah who gives a fuck!

Who gives a fuck that Nas and Kelis are splitting up? I always thought that they were the low budget Jay and Beyone anyway. And let's be honest: Kelis made Nas weak. I don't know the specifics but I am sure that their divorce had something to do with the fact that Nas finally realized Kelis had no talent unless she was laced with Skateboard P's beats and a crazy hair piece. Peace to them but really who give a fuck!


donna troy said...

C'mon, Roc! You should be supporting Black love! I was pulling for them and never thought for one minute that they were the "budget Jay and Beyonce"...that is so wrong. It was nice to see them as a couple and I personally am a little upset by it. I mean...I am not crying in my sleeve or anything, but it is disappointing.

Butterrfly said...

lol... I never liked them together.. he can do better.