bea arthur is dead - thank you for being a friend!

Sad news!
when I heard that the second golden girl, Bea Arthur, AKA Maude had passed away I felt pain. I felt worse when I realized that once Bea passed she made The much wanted Golden Girls reunion impossible. Estelle passes last year and now Bea. You now people have to be placing bets on which s going to pass next. I got my money on Rue surviving them all. But back to the CONVO, I always loved Bea Arthur because she was very funny. She was the backbone of one of the greatest sitcoms of all -time, The Golden Girls and a brilliant foil to Archie Bunker when she played Maude during the Norman Lear years (The 70's). I also held great admiration for her due to the fact that she wasn't the most glamorous woman on television but still highly successful. She was a great actress and an even greater comedian. You will be missed Bea Arthur, thank you for being a friend!