Dom is dead - Somewhere Burt reynolds is crying!

For years Dom Deluise was a guy that I could never quite place. Was he gay? Was he straight? Why is he always in movies with Burt Reynolds? But once I got older I learned to accept the fact that Dom was just Dom. He had children- two of his sons actually starred on 21 Jump Street. But I digress. I actually realized that Dom being Dom was something that no acting coach could teach. He made you laugh when he was on the screen. He was the quintessential fat guy; laughing, stupid and ridiculously slapstick. I always loved Dom and the chemistry he shared with Burt Reynolds. When you would see them on screen you really thought that they were close off screen. There was just something about Dom that made you laugh. Rest In Peace, Dom. I will never, ever forget that part you had in Blazing Saddles. For that you will always be missed.


Butterrfly said...

whoa.. he's dead? When did he die? This is seriously news to me.. googling..

Anonymous said...

I have Burt Reynolds voice on my GPS and wish I could get Deluise's too. It would be great to have the both of them. it would really be like you were in the Cannonball run.

I got Reynolds from a site that does real celebrities for GPS, they have Mr. T, Hopper, Busey... and the one and only Reynolds. i think it was a place called Navtones.

He was a funny guy Deluise and plan to watch a load of his movies this weekend.