Do you remember ... 21 Jump Street?

OK I can blog about this show for months!
Do you remember 21 Jump Street? The premise of the show just sounds crazy right about now:
Cops that were young - looking enough to pass for HIgh School kids would go into schools and pose as students to solve crimes. WTF? I can't believe that I fell for that. Fuck it, I was a teenager. But now that I think about it, it's like damn why didn't I see how crazy that shit was.
First off they had Johnny Depp. I mean the guy that played in Blow.
Then they had Holly Robinson, who actually sang the theme song and she had big hair.
Then they had Peter Deluise the tough guy, the Asian that started off as a Japanese guy who was later revealed to actually be Vietnamese.
Then there was the Black Captain. The actual grown up in the firehouse that served as the precinct. What's funny is that never once did word get around that these cops were going around setting people up in drug stings and shit. Here is the theme song. It just screams 80's, EARLY FOX network programming and pre internet America. Enjoy:


Butterrfly said...

must you kill my joy? 21 Jump Street was and still is a cop show classic! What? that theme song was hot! The story lines were so gripping.. I did however, used to be perplexed by the portrayal of profuse illegal activities in NYC schools juxtaposed with the notion that these these NARCs would be totally unrecognizeable from school to school. I realize its pre-facebook and camera phones, but how long could you really get away with going undercover without someone recognizing you.

no matter I still love/loved it!

cue to music: Jump... down on jump street.. I said Jump... 21 jump street..

Butterrfly said...

LOL.. why is Holly's hair so darn BIG! That was never in..I love you Holly Robby Pete, but that hair was TOO MUCH! lmao