Chuck Daly is Dead - I'm that old now?

Rest In Peace to my man Chuck Daly. The former Dream Team, college and Detroit Piston basketball Coach died of pancreatic cancer and personally, he will be missed.
What made him a great coach was the fact that he could coach anyone, anywhere anytime and make them win. While he didn't do much in his post - PIstons stage in terms of winning championships he did bring The Nets respect and credibility to The Magic after SHAQ left. But look at all the different people and personalities that he won with: Jordan, Magic, Bird, Ewing, Thomas and Rodman. The only problem I have with Daly is that he didn't stand up for Isiah Thomas not being on the Dream team. Other than that, he was cool with me. And don't front the man wore great suits. He was up there with Pat Riley.

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