I never ever liked Wanda Sykes - UNTIL NOW!

I never thought that Wanda Sykes was funny. EVER! I always thought that she was the poor man's or gay woman's Chris Rock. Her whiny voice, Rock - lite material and let's face it "dykeish" characteristics never appealed to me but when she did her thing at the Correspondents Dinner last Saturday Night, I finally became a fan. Check her out in this snippet as she goes after the pussies on the right, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.


Butterrfly said...

I'm on the fence.. Colbert roasted the HELL out of G.W. at one of these a few years back.. it was hilarious... but I think Wanda went a bit too far with the remarks about Limbaugh.. I can't stand the guy, but I'm not going to wish him failed kidneys.. especially not in public forum.

Kerri said...

Well done, Wanda!You have balls of steel! I love Pres.Obama! He's a cool cat!