Who's Weed? Run's Sons' Weed!

For those of you that haven't heard, Jo Jo Simmons, oldest son of Joseph "Run" Simmons and star of the reality show Run's House on MTV was arrested on Drug charges. Unfortunately this mistake will make people question just how much RUN'S kids must not listen to the Reverend Run himself.
I feel bad for Run: When your whole steez is based on religion, doing the right thing and advice your kids better not be getting arrested for weed and fleeing a crime scene. I never liked Jo Jo. I find him arrogant, rude and annoying. He reminds me of those kids that thinks they are successful because they were born to successful parents. It's time these celebrity kids understand something: You have to stay in your lane and be humble. Your mistake can bring down your parents and then no one will have ANYTHING!


Butterrfly said...

poor Jo Jo :-(

I like the Simmons kids! Jo JO is a good kid.. just caught up in the MTV video world.

Kerri said...

I enjoy the show but didn't care for Jo Jo's nonchalant attitude. He always seemed like he didn't give a shit! Maybe he's been stoned for the last 5 seasons...lol!