She may be a dumb blonde but let's face it - Miss California can get it!

I know future - former Miss California Carrie Prejean may not be the sharpest axe in the toolshed but who the fuck cares? Miss California is a beauty queen not a political figure. She doesn't set policy, this is someone that walks around in a bathing suit -not just on vacation like most folks - for a living.
If the Queen of all media, Perez Hilton asks her a question about gay marriage and she gives an answer that both he and the very powerful Gay Lobby aren't satisfied with then that's not her fault. There is no reason that the press and the internet media -assassins should be trying to destroy her.
As for Miss California, she should just keep it real and say to the press, her friends and whomever else will listen, "Hey I don't know anything except how to look good, walk in heels and suck the dick of any man judging beauty competition."


Marvel Girl said...

they should just have straight up "we only care how you look on the outside" contests. call it that. women aren't allowed to talk and they walk around with duct tape on their mouths to be sure we won't hear a peek or glimpse into their brain, so that they can be fully judged as men want them to be. Eye candy. there is a solution. then have "beauty contests" where the package is evaluated. could we ever do that or is that too honest for us and we need to keep pretending we are looking at the entire package?

donna troy said...

Good point, Marvel Girl.