If the Birdman was Black he would be vilified!

I love the Nuggets. Remember I picked them as my personal choice to go to the NBA finals because of their limitless cast of characters but this Birdman thing is killing me. Let's keep it real, if he were Black he would not be getting the sympathies that he gets. Dude just came off a drug suspension (not the steroids kind but good old - fashioned cocaine kind) and he hams it up every time he makes a play. He blocks a shot, he flaps his wings. He dunks the ball, he flaps his wings. He ties his shoe, he flaps his wings. This guy is the white Dennis Rodman and they are glorifying him. Don't the same kids that watch Black players hot dog watch this guy? What happened to the thing about being a bad role model. Mike Breen and the rest of the analysts that sign off on Birdman are big - time hypocrites!

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