Is it ghetto of me to lust after sneakers? I swear these will be the last sneakers I ever get!

I don't know why but I lust after Air Max 95 kicks. If there was a choice between boning Halle Berry or having theses kicks well... let me put it this way, Halle will have to promise me all kinds of tricks in the bedroom for me to forsake these babies. All other kicks are cool but I won't charge any other pair on my credit card. I used to be like that with Jordans but I got over it once Nike jumped the Jordan shark when they put the kicks in a briefcase. That was ridiculous. But Air Max 95's? No question they will get copped hook or crook, cash or credit, streets or store. If wifey will allow me (and let's face it I do need her permission) I will get all four and then I will be double - done with kicks just every now and then buying Air force 1's (the simplest sneaker ever made). After this I will be on to shoes. I promise. Thank you Nike and please thank the sweatshop laborers that make less than minimum wage to make sneakers that you charge 140 bucks for. I will be representing this summer.

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Butterrfly said...

didn't even read past the title of this entry... answer to your question.. sneaker lust is definitively GHETTO.