Random blogging: Do I have to be the first person to say it: Denzel is done!

People can say that he is still fine and that he is still the man but let's face it, everyone has their valleys and Denzel Washington is way deep in his. This new movie with John Travolta, the remake of "The taking of Pelham 1-2-3" looks like awfulness personified. It looks like a Frankenstein version of "Swordfish", "Inside Man" and whatever else Hollywood thinks is a popcorn thriller. After watching Deniro and Pacino stink it up in "Righteous Kill" I am more than ready to watch Denzel and Travolta disgrace their legacies in this loser. Mark my words this movie is some bullshit!

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Butterrfly said...

dayum.. can you see the movie BEFORE you give your review? sheesh.. John and Denzel have to eat too!