Random Blogging: Do we really need a North Korea?

Let's keep it real: when it comes to Korea, isn't South Korea more than enough? Why the fuck does the world even need a North Korea? All they do is try and start international fights, starve their people and worship some midget Asian that doesn't care about his own people who has a God complex. Here's my advice to President Obama: The next time Lil Kim Jong Il gets stupid and launches a test missile, threatens Nuclear War or kidnaps an American for no reason, INVADE THEM!. And if they don't roll over Nuke them and show them what a real Super Power is made of. Fuck them. I am getting tired of all they represent. NOTHING! This is a fight that America can win. And believe me The North Korean people, no matter how brain - washed they are would welcome American troops. The only thing stopping them from giving our soldiers flowers and chocolates would be the fact that they are too busy eating them due to consistent starvation. If Kim wants it then by all means bring it on!

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