Random blogging: We got a Puerto Rican in the Supreme Court - Hide your purses!

President Obama is so about change that it is scary as fuck!. Not only did he nominate a female to The Supreme Court but she also had the nerve to be Puerto Rican. Obama has to be careful. Too much change to quick can lead to tragedy. If his new economy doesn't work then critics will look to his other sweeping changes in policies and conduct - Supreme Court nominees, speaking with your enemies unconditionally and trying to change the Health care system - and overturn them once he leaves office. I am so happy for his nominee, Justice Sonia Sotomayor but I feel SORRY for her. Would you be happy if you had to work with hacks like Thomas, Scalia and Roberts?


Marvel Girl said...

Hardery-har-har, Roc.
Not only Puerto Rican, Nuyorican from public housing in the Bronx!
I am still getting over his nomination over head of NASA.
Change indeed. Crazy.

The below is brought to you by C-mixto:

Martin Espada, Nuyorican poet.

"Mariano Explains Yanqui Colonialism to Judge Collings"

Judge: Does the prisoner understand his rights?
Interpreter: Entiende usted sus derechos?
Prisoner: Pa'l carajo! (Go to hell!)
Interpreter: Yes

And that's why we need a PR in the Supreme Court.

Butterrfly said...

cue to music: "the south bronx.. the south south bronx..."