Why are people acting like the CIA doesn't lie?

What's with this shit with people acting like it's wrong to accuse the CIA of lying? They can't be serious. Is it that crazy to think that the CIA might lie about something? Are people talking about the same CIA that killed innocent people in Latin America when they helped overthrow governments left and right? Are they talking about the same CIA that called Iraq having Weapons Of Mass Destruction a "slam dunk"? Are they talking about the same CIA that has had hands in the assassinations removals of foreign leaders? Are we talking about the same CIA that works in subterfuge? Let's keep it real: It's their business to lie. That's what they do. Being surprised that the CIA lies to a politician is like being surprised that a twelve year - old boy doesn't feel the same after his return from a two week vacation at Never Land Ranch and The Catholic Church. Sure Speaker Nancy Pelosi sounded less than convincing about her knowledge of torture but wouldn't you if you were accusing the CIA of something? The CIA knows how to kill people and make it look like foot fungus. I would stutter and sound a little uncertain too. The CIA lying - WHAT A SURPRISE!


Marvel Girl said...

for real.

Butterrfly said...

didn't the CIA provide the "intelligence" data to Colin Powell prior to his infamous UN briefing? I don't know what Nancy knows/knew about the torture policies, but I don't for a minute doubt the possibility that she received questionable details about torture proceedings from them.