Why isn't Dick Cheney in jail for treason?

I thought that The Republicans said that people should not criticize the President in a time of war? What are we in now? Dick Cheney and his cunt daughter (Yeah I said it) are on the news constantly criticizing President Obama and claiming that he is making the country less safe. Cheney has some nerve. He didn't say more than two words while he was in a cave during the last 8 years fucking up the country but now he wants to be Mr. Ubiquity? Fuck Cheney and his daughter. While the President is not above criticism he certainly is above criticism from those two jag offs. Say what you want but if I have to choose between Cheney and Obama in a debate unless the topic is how to fuck up a country and break it I am siding with King Barack.

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Butterrfly said...

foul language aside.. I couldn't agree with you more Roc. LOL!