When it comes to Dads, Fathers I have very little reference. Due to circumstances I did not grow up with one. I had an UBER MOM but as we all know the best Mothers can only do so much with a boy, fathers our needed. So for Father figures I never looked inside the home as much as I looked inside the television home. 
John Amos played the quintessential television dad. Authoritative, loud and way wise James Evans of Chicago. The way that he ran his family but listened to his wife would serve as a future guide for what I thought a father and husband should be. Even though he lived in the projects, was dirt poor and struggled he taught me that a man does for his family before he does for himself. It was sad when the writer's of Good Times killed John Amos off but in truth he was alive long enough to teach me and millions of Fatherless boys how to be a DAD. Thanks James.

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