Is 50 still relevant? Because I want to know if I should care about the new War Angel Album.

Apparently 50 has a new project entitled "War Angel" and he is releasing it on his web site, THISIS50.COM. Is that because he realizes that the days of million selling albums are over? The snippets I heard are the same old stuff
1) he is the man
2) he sold crack,
3) he can have me killed easily 
4) he fucks a lot and 
5) he is rich. 
Dude after awhile I get it. Why won't he make a song about the slave - master relationship rampant in the music industry, lack of health insurance and the Depression. You know shit that people over 30 can relate to, understand and feel? I feel bad that grown men in entertainment feel that they have to cater to 18 - 25 year olds. 50 sounds stupid writing and creating music for kids WAY younger than him. Someone has to tell these rappers over 28 it's okay to act like a grown up. Whatever, he is still WAY richer than me. But again should IO give a fuck about "War Angel"? Someone let me know.

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