Big Scapegoat

The Klan members with microphones, recording devices, typewriters and passwords to their own websites are at it again. As much as I love baseball and The New York Yankees I can't believe those loud mouths are trying to make David Ortiz, the famed Boston Red Sox slugger, the face of performance enhancing drugs. As a matter of fact the media are trying to make him and fellow Dominican baseball All - Star Manny Ramirez the scapegoats in this whole steroid culture era. WTF? Really? Has anyone noticed that the only people that, for the exception of Jason Grimsley, have had their names exposed on that list of over 100 men that tested positive for banned substances have belonged to Black and Brown men? I have. This shit is ridiculous. Now the media has assumed that since both Papi and Manny tested positive in 2003 that they were playing "dirty" in 2004 and 2007, making the Red Sox World Series chips null and void. Innocent until proven guilty doesn't mean anything unless you are white in this country and the sports world. Hold your head Papi, I am riding with you even though you are a part of Red Sox Nation.

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