Oh yeah and by the way - still FUCK OFFICER CROWLEY!

I am down on Obama for this "beer summit". He let that pig and his family in the White House. Just when I was ready to cut that pig some slack he goes and has a press conference and says that the next time he meets Skip Gates it won't be for a beer but a "KOOL-AID". Wow. And this guy is the director of sensitivity training? This needs to be the last summit of this kind because if Obama is going to have a summit every time there is a controversy with police and racial profiling he will be having meetings all day and won't get to concentrate on the issues that he is supposed to be focused on like fixing the economy, bringing down the Unemployment Rate and Universal Healthcare.


donna troy said...

I disagree with you, Roc. I think it was a good idea for Obama to have this "beer summit". He was trying to get the two to talk...which is partly why we still have so many racists today. Now, of course, racial profiling will not end after a Red Stripe, but at least Obama is doing his part.

I am proud of Obama for letting the world know that people are racist...just in case they forgot. Why some people don't that frustrates me. But, just like Crowley and Gates...we all live in our own little parties and at least Obama brought the beer.

Butterrfly said...

LOL.. Roc please.. I think its over.. I think Barry successfully squashed the situation.. i'm done.. onto the healthcare agenda and national debt.