random blogging: America should count their blessings that I am not POTUS!

You talk about a lucky country. America is so lucky that they have a President like Barack Hussein Obama in The White House and not a brother like me. They are sooo lucky that they have a man with African and Caucasian DNA in his blood and not me. A man with slave blood dripping in his veins. What I am trying to say is that when you have a good, thoughtful and logical man in the BIG HOUSE be thankful. Extremely thankful. See, if a man like me were in charge i wouldn't even be negotiating with big Pharma, I wouldn't go back on my words on "stupidly". I wouldn't try to negotiate with a Congress and Senate that are in the minority after having done it for the last ten times. If I was POTUS I wouldn't bend over backwards kissing no ass. But then again a dude like me, and there are many, could have NEVER been elected because once you called my daughter, wife or loved one a nasty name in the papers, on a blog or on television during the campaign I would have snapped and nullified any chance at me winning any race. The bottom line is that America should thank Obama for his temperament. Because if he were me a lot of people would not be saying shit and they would be less comfortable!

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