Favorite White Guy of The Moment...South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford!

I love this guy. He just keeps talking and talking. He now says that the Argentine women whom he had an affair was not a jump off after all but a serious relationship. He is such a non - player that he has fallen in love with his jump off. He said that he and his mistress were "soul - mates". WTF? At the end of the day I can't blame him. After four kids and being married to the same woman for more than umpteen years I can see where some fresh, tight puss could turn a man out. But when u are the Governor of South Carolina and your whole steez rests on traditional family values, Christian morals and righteousness you have to KEEP YOUR DICK IN YOUR PANTS until AFTER the election. I love the way Republicans always put their foot on their mouths and dick in other people's three orafices.


Butterrfly said...

vulgarities aside.. you make a great point. This loon is now trying to get back with his wife AND is NOT trying to hear any talk about stepping down. He really must be on/off meds.

TalentUnltd said...

He is a jackass. He admits that the Latina chick is his soulmate yet says he's going to "try to" fall back in love with his wife. If I was his wife, I'd be behind bars because I'd very easily catch a case after killing his ass. What a dummy. Hard dicks make soft minds.