Random Blogging: I still don't like Al franken

I am so happy now that the Senate race in Minnesota is over. I am so glad that the Democrats have a filibuster - proof majority of 60 Democrats. I am so happy that President Obama now has the votes to enact the policies that he thinks can bring about change. But one thing I am not happy about is the fact that Al Franken is the man making all of this happen. As a liberal, Franken, the former comedian and comic writer for Saturday Night Live and star of the worst movie of all -time Stuart Smalley saves the world (i think) ... is a champion. But as a dude he is a straight DICK! I ran into him once, when he used to live on The Upper West Side and he was a jerk to me. I was excited to see him but judging by the look on his face he thought I was trying to rob and rape him. He was a STRAIGHT JERK! Congratulations Dickhead! I hope you can Redeem yourself!

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Butterrfly said...

He didn't know you were the star magnet? The Shining Black Prince of Harlem.. snubbed? He's officially on my list... how dare he!