White Liberals don't want Obama to be Black AND The President at the same time!

White Liberals scare me. They always swear they are down for the cause but I just don't know! Recently, during this Obama situation you could almost hear them collectively cringe when Obama mentioned race. Like he isn't supposed to be Black now? WL's (White Liberals) almost seem to be saying, "Hey Obama I voted for you now turn your Black off." In a case that seems open and shut -Officer Crowley arrested Skip Gates, an old man on a cane for basically SCREAMING! Did you hear that, SCREAMING!? - WL's seem to want to investigate every angle except RACE. No matter what you think my white liberal friends race is still an issue. This is not a post - racial society -YET! Just because you voted for the first Black President does not mean that racism will just go away! Even worse they seemed to think that Obama was off limits even mentioning the subject. They wanted him to make a no comment comment or something like that. WTF? If the President can't speak on racial profiling then how can he speak on Iran, North Korea or even the economy with any sort of credibility? That's why I trust a conservative more than a lib when it comes to speaking on RACE. You know exactly where they stand. With LIBS shit changes in direct relationship to their comfort level. As of right now, they are very uncomfortable.

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white shadow said...

I think everyone doesn't know what they are going to do. But for many WLs (and I would like to separate myself from these people) they are really uncomfortable with race, and instead embrace class. So, they don't know what to do with the class angle. The sad thing is, they don't get that race and class are the same thing - can't have one without the other.