Obama is my man and all that but I must say that I TOTALLY disagree with him on this Officer Crowley/Skip Gates issue. Recently, in this media driven soap opera designed to take the onus away from Obama's Healthcare plan, Obama extended an olive branch to Officer Crowley and even went so far as to invite that pig to The White House for a sit - down with himself and Skip Gates. WTF? As a politician I know Obama had to do what he had to do but I would never have done that shit. That is why I could never be a politician. Because at times I would not say the politically correct things. Because if someone had asked me the question about my opinion on this case I would have taken them down a long path of history and let it be clear in no uncertain terms that I did not approve of the Officer's deeds and that, hey you know things happen and maybe one day he could be arrested and thrown in GITMO due to some paperwork snafu. SHIT HAPPENS RIGHT! It's a sad day when even as President you must defer to the WHITE MAN. Even when he is wrong and a PIG!

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better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to blog and remove all doubt