Congressman Joe Wilson is in the money!

Can you believe the way that Joe Wilson is raising money after his comment during President Obama's speech? This was the best thing that ever happened to him. He gave himself instant recognition the moment he made that move. He couldn't have paid for this kind of publicity. He reportedly has raised over 2 million dollars. See what happens when you are a racist? You get rewarded. Imagine if he had thrown a shoe at him. What is even scarier is that this country is nowhere close to it's boiling point yet. I say around the next Presidential election America will begin to look like 1968. What say you?

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Marvel Girl said...

ever since the Gates arrest, I've been unable to watch the news. I don't even try Morning Joe because of Micha (spelling)... and I fear what you are forecasting has a good chance of happening. that the hopeful wave of the progressive side to our country (those that believe in delivering the ideals of what our country is supposed to be) will be overwhelmed by a hateful tsunami that will not ever stand we have elected a black president. That we have a black president who you can't dismiss as an "affirmative action elected", you can't questions his intelligence, you can't say he is a confrontational angry black man, you can't say he doesn't have a family that fits the accepted WASP ideals. You can't say shit so you make it up, photoshop shit, and beat the KKK drums though you call it the Tea Party, etc. etc. This country is at a very dangerous point. We have the potential to walk two different paths: the Obama one of unity or a schism sparked by a very medieval mindset that should be left in the Wild Wild West days when we didn't have a "perfect Union".