President Obama can you please show the NIGGER in you?

When is the President going to just say, "Fuck you"? I wish he would stop letting these people assassinate his character. Once they do that it will be easier for them to justify assassinating him. PERIOD! Hitler, Chairman Mao and Stalin? What person wouldn't kill a person they thought had the potential to be one of those people? Who wouldn't think that they were performing a service? Being patriotic? Dummies can't pick one evil man they want to compare Obama with so they just throw all three on the wall and see what the rest of the dummies are sticking with. Just once I want Obama to say "SUCK MY BALLS, I AM THE PRESIDENT! RESPECT THE CONSTITUTION YOU SWORE TO UPHOLD!" I guess that would be out of character for The President but at this point the way the right portrays him, he is out of character so much who in the world would know the difference?

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