Get Off His Dick!

Dude- Kanye was rude at The VMA's but jeez LOUISE THIS is not a national crisis. Taylor Swift? Who? In my opinion, Kanye did her a favor. He put her name in my head. Now she will be forever linked to a moment in Pop Culture History. Before this thing happened I would have gotten her confused with Carrie Underwood or the other 1 million Blonde country singers I could give two shits about. Listen, I am not knocking anyone's taste but country and western? That music is the music that HILLBILLYS and TRAILER PARK PEOPLE screw to, my ears don't want any part of that AT ALL. I don't give a damn about anyone who sings it. Not even Charlie Pride! Real Talk Kanye is necessary in this music game and before he is done he will be a music immortal. Taylor Swift is a chick that is five years away from a sex tape and reality show on THE FARM channel. HOLLER!

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Butterrfly said...

he's a total @ss clown.. I refuse to give him any more attention.